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The Top Upstream Blog Posts of 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, we want to celebrate all the ways God has allowed Upstream to equip the Church and encourage believers this year. One way we've been able to do this is through the blog posts we publish on this website. We've compiled a list below of the top blog posts of 2021.

If there are posts here you haven't read, then we hope you'll take some time to read them. If you have read them and believe they would be useful to a church leader, sending organization staff member, or missionary you know, then we hope you'll pass them along.

Thank you for supporting us this year and being a part of our efforts to equip and encourage senders and the ones they send. We look forward to providing you with even more content and resources in 2022.

The Top Upstream Blog Posts of 2021

1 | "Pray for Afghanistan and Haiti"

Pray for Afghanistan and Haiti. Pray for their citizens. Pray for the church, its leaders, and believers . . .

2 | "Liturgy for the Well-Worn Missions Leader"

A liturgy for missions leaders written by Upstream's Bradley Bell.

3 | "The Sign Says Closed: Four Key Questions about Missions in 'Closed' Countries"

What is a closed country, and what does it mean for missions and sending?

4 | "Missionary Care Begins with the Local Church: A Look at 3 John 5-8"

The local church, both its members and leaders, should be sending and supporting well for the promotion and advancement of the gospel . . .

5 | "Short-Term Fueling Long-Term Missions"

Short-term missions provides the context through which the church can prepare and propel future missionaries for a lifetime of missionary service. These trips can serve both to extend present long-term missions efforts and to equip future laborers to go into the harvest field . . .

6 | "Introduction to the Four Types of Sending Churches"

In my experience coaching churches, I've concluded that there are four types of sending churches. I want to help your church become the type of sending church God wants you to be . . .

7 | "Overview of Sending Element 1: Cultivating Missions Awareness"

Too often, we are missing this key meta-narrative of Scripture that the gospel on mission is not just for our neighbors–it is also for the nations. Missions awareness starts with you . . .

8 | "Using the Gifts God Has Given You to Serve Him"

All of us already have gifts, talents, resources, and experience given us by God that we can use to glorify Him and serve others . . .



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