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Resource of the Week: Sending Church Online Training

This month, we're talking all about establishing missions convictions, developing a missions vision, and building a missions strategy. Our blogs and other resources this month will focus on these three Sending Church Elements.

One of those resources is this month's Sending Church Online Training. September's training will focus on Creating a Sending Pipeline for your church. The goal of this training is to help sending churches take a proactive approach by giving them the processes and tools to help them identify, assess, develop and care for their missionaries. That's what we call the Sending Pipeline.

Join us for this 1.5 hour training workshop led by Larry McCrary where you will learn to craft a sending pipeline for your church. The training is FREE for our members and partners and it will be recorded if you cannot be on live.

The training will take place September 16 at 10:00 AM EDT. Members and Partners of our website can join this training for free, using the access code: "Send25."

Even if you can't make the scheduled meeting, register to get the recording of the event and class materials delivered to your inbox. This is a critical topic for sending churches.


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