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Reintroducing Adventures with Caleb & Larry

You may have noticed that over the past year, we’ve been slowly republishing some of our favorite articles from our old website. That’s because we think there’s some really good stuff there. But with the launch of our new website a little over a year ago, we lost immediate access to the old content. Whoops!

Well, we are happy to announce that with the New Year we are reintroducing ten posts of good ol’ content from one of our favorite series: Adventures with Larry and Caleb. We took the better part of 2015 to ask our co-founders, Larry McCrary and Caleb Crider, some practical missiological questions. At the time, Larry was living overseas and Caleb was in the states, and as always both were seeking to be mission practitioners in their respective contexts.

Still not sure what this series is all about? Check out the series conclusion. The questions cover practical missiological topics like:

We hope you enjoy access to this series again if you are familiar with it. And if you haven’t read it before, we hope you enjoy it for the first time! Stay tuned this year as we make a more concerted effort to repopulate our blog with content from our old website.

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