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Free Resource: The Sending Church Defined Bibliography

We recently got wind of an exciting utilization of our book, The Sending Church Defined. A state denominational organization recently purchased several hundred copies and plans to distribute them to pastors and other church leaders. In light of this honor, we thought it timely to re-release the free resource, The Sending Church Defined Bibliography.

If you have already come across the book, then you know it has a 15-page bibliography. If you haven’t encountered the book, you may be thinking it’s a monster. In reality, however, it’s a quick and easy read. Why include so many references in such a small book? First, to show that sending is legitimately expressed in God and rooted in the Scriptures. In other words, it’s more than a trend. Second, we wanted readers to be exposed to many of the terrific voices contributing to the sending church conversation. People who are helping churches build a healthy missiology.

The Sending Church Defined Bibliography is simply a free 5-page PDF document that organizes the books into four basic categories: missiology, ecclesiology, theology, and formation. Each book is also linked to where you may purchase it online. We hope this is a helpful resource to you and your church or organization!


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