How to Uniquely Care for Marketplace Workers

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Season 2 || Episode 2 How to Uniquely Care for Marketplace Workers

Upstream exists to help churches send locally & globally. We’re constantly asking how we can develop resources to help. The Upstream Podcast is one aspect of our regular rhythms to have a conversation together about healthy & effective sending.

In this episode Upstream regulars, Larry & Susan McCrary, join Brad for a conversation on how to care for marketplace missionaries— and by “marketplace missionaries” we don’t just mean business professionals, but anyone and everyone who is living cross-cultural and desiring to do so ‘intentionally.’

Many churches often have a hard time navigating how to send and care for who we commonly refer to these folk who are relocating in intentional ways. Larry and Susan offer listeners perspective and knowledge that comes from years of experience living, serving and working abroad.

We hope this conversation sparks many other conversations around this topic.

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