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5 Reasons to Be Excited About Our New Ebook

Big news! We are releasing a new ebook, Receiving Sent Ones During Reentry: The Challenges of Returning “Home” and How Churches Can Help. Beginning this Wednesday, February 15, you can purchase and download this ebook for $3.99 from Amazon for Kindle.

Five reasons we’re excited and think you should be too:

  1. This is the first ebook in the Sending Church Elements ebook series (which you can take a look at and download for free right now!).

  2. The act of receiving returning sent ones well is an important yet rarely addressed topic in the church. It is the “ugly duckling” of missions, as we often say.

  3. The book is classic Upstream, including both theory and practice. We don’t just talk about the issue, we also give practical ways to address it.

  4. It includes numerous voices: young-old, single-married, men-women, missionaries-pastors.

  5. It’s an easy read–intentionally short so it’s digestible. After all, it’s only one issue among 16 others (the other 16 Sending Church Elements).

We pray that this book will illuminate some of the challenges and needs of returning sent ones and that churches will be more prepared to receive them back well.


“The most common reason for sent ones returning is families’ and their children’s needs. By experience, we know that these returning families need the most support because they still feel called to the field, but are unable to be there.” – Larry Jenkins

“I speak often about having a ‘sent identity’ as a Christ-follower, stressing the importance of living as sent ones on mission everywhere we go. Yet, back home, I realized I had placed greater importance on serving at an address that was ‘far away.’” – Larry McCrary

“They arrive back at churches that have changed, some for the better and some for the worse. They can silently feel quite old, quite irrelevant, and quite underutilized. How will our churches respond to these returning sent ones?” – Zach Bradley

Photo credit: Pixabay


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