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Resources for the Multisite Missions Leader

Multisite churches are a global phenomenon—with massive, often untapped potential for global missions. In Multisite Missions Leadership: The Challenges , former missionary and veteran missions pastor, Nathan Sloan, acknowledges the unique complexity of multisite churches, but also expresses the tremendous opportunities for leveraging them beyond their local impact.

Along the way he invites readers into the journey of his own church (Sojourn Church in Louisville, KY) from “pillar” (one church with a single service) to “collective” (a family of churches aligned under one vision and name). Thus the ebook provides very personal and practical guidance for leading missions well in a multisite setting. It also includes a detailed, categorized list of recommended books for missions leaders’ personal development.

For more resources about multisite missions leadership, check out this episode of The Upstream Collective podcast or join the Multisite cohort, led by Nathan.


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