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Questions Leaders Should Consider While Preparing for the New Normal

The COVID-19 crisis has been going on for months, and by now, you’ve hopefully realized that your plan can’t be to just ‘sit this out’ or ‘weather the storm’ until life returns to normal. People are talking about BC and AC – Before Corona and After Corona. We have to accept that some things won’t go back to the way they were.

Teams, organizations, and churches quickly learned to cope and (mostly) adapt well to meet the initial practical challenges of the pandemic. We can be proud of that. We also, however, need to process what’s happening to ourselves and the world and be like the men of Issachar who understood the times and knew what to do (1 Chronicles 12:32).

Systems, methods, habits and lifestyles have changed. Jobs and livelihoods have been lost. Everywhere people have had their worldview challenged and they are disoriented. This is leading to increased spiritual hunger among many. Sadly, in many places, suspicion of foreigners is commonplace. Fear is at the forefront in hearts worldwide. We’ve been humbled as we realize we are not in control—we are weaker than we thought. The COVID-19 crisis has exposed where we have placed our hope and what we have taken for granted.

But this is also a time to rethink, review and evaluate what we do and prepare for life beyond the pandemic. Here are a few questions to consider that might help us navigate, process, and prepare in the weeks ahead.

  • What is God saying or teaching us? Make time to listen to God; don’t just plough on. There are lots of voices and opinions; value God’s above them all.

“The COVID-19 crisis has given us the opportunity to rethink, review, and evaluate what we do and how to prepare for life beyond the pandemic.”
  • What new or different needs are there around us and how can we serve? It’s tempting to go into self-preservation mode but it speaks powerfully when we seek to serve others in times like these.

  • What do the people we are responsible for need right now? What does our community need? Too often we assume we know. Ask.

  • What do I need right now? Those of us who are responsible for others need to look after ourselves too. Practice self care. You, your family, and team will be glad you did. Operating in crisis mode is exhausting; we need to still be functioning in the long-term, not just the short-term.

  • What have we lost? It’s important to acknowledge losses and grieve them. Process along the way so it doesn’t hit you later in one big wave that takes you out (I’ve been there, it was horrible). Staying hopeful is important but so is acknowledging that this is hard for everyone. We lose trust if we’re out of touch with reality.

  • What are we grateful for? What do we realize we’ve taken for granted until now? Gratitude is a powerful weapon against hopelessness, despair and despondency.

  • How is our world, our culture, and community changing? These changes will affect what we do and how we do it. There are some things to keep and likely some things to let go of that are no longer effective or relevant.

  • How can we stay true to our vision and mission even though the way we do things has had to change? In the scramble to adjust, don’t forget why you exist. Crises have a way of helping us see what really matters and what isn’t as important as we thought it was.

“This shared experience the world is going through can help us relate and identify with people in a new way.”
  • What new possibilities does this situation create? The cliché is true: in every crisis there are opportunities. Don’t miss them. New ideas and initiatives could be waiting to develop. Also, as one national director in our organization noted, we now have something in common with everyone on the planet that we didn’t have before. This shared experience the world is going through can help us relate and identify with people in a new way.

  • What are we learning that we don’t want to forget when things improve? Maybe some things we had to come up with now can be kept along with other insights we’ve gained along the way.

A Prayer for Guidance

Lord, we’ve never been here before. Please help us to navigate this territory and perceive what is happening. We ask you for insight and wisdom to lead effectively. We pray we would learn the lessons you are teaching us and not forget how much we need you. Shape us for what lies ahead. Holy Spirit, make us brave to face the changes this is bringing upon us. O Lord, be glorified through your people in this critical hour. For yours is the kingdom, the power, and the glory. Amen.


Alex Hawke is a Country Team Leader with Interserve in South East Asia. He and his wife, Ellie, are from the UK and have two sons. You can follow him on Twitter @AlexGTHawke.


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