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Leaving Well

We are excited to be releasing a new resource that we use in our pre-field training intensives for marketplace workers and vocational missionaries.

It is called the “Leaving Well Checklist.”

Leaving Well is quite important. It takes a lot of work to prepare to leave your homeland and move to another place. There is a tremendous amount of moving parts. You have a depth of relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. You often are tranisitioning out of church leadership responsibilities. You are trying to tie up lose ends regarding finances, housing, vehicles, wills. You typically have a lot to do in residency paperwork to prepare to live in another country. The list goes on and on. And on.

So we created a list that can help you prepare. We think this is a great resource for you as a church as you shepherd your members who are preparing to go overseas. It is also helpful for the one who is moving overseas to help them navigate all of the tasks they need to do.

Over the next two months our executive director Larry McCrary and his wife Susan will be transitioning to Spain.

Follow our short videos that help chronicle their move with #leavingwell at our Upstream twitter – @theupstreamc



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