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Flash Sale: First 30 Daze

We are excited to announce that our latest book First 30 Daze: Practical Encouragement for Living Abroad Intentionally by Larry and Susan McCrary is now available on Kindle for only $3.99 and print for $9.99. This flash sale lasts only until Tuesday, January 10. Are you moving domestically or internationally as a student, missionary, professional, soldier, retiree, or for any other reason? Grab this helpful resource while it’s on the cheap!

By Larry E McCrary


“How I wish I had such a tool when I landed overseas nearly 25 years ago!”

“If you’re moving, your arrival in your new home will be better with First 30 Daze.”

“The simple guideline First 30 Daze spells out could be the difference that leads to thriving.”

“Do yourself a favor and read First 30 Daze now, and then use it as a devotional tool when walking through those first 30 days.”

“I love the down-to-earth style and questions, the encouraging spirit, and the challenging use of Scripture.”

“As a pastor, I am eager to place First 30 Daze into the hands of students studying abroad, teachers, marketplace workers, and all those we’re sending to the nations.”

“Perhaps the most difficult part of transitioning to life and ministry in a new country is knowing where to start. Larry and Susan provide a survival guide and roadmap for navigating the make-or-break first month in a new place.”

“Cross-cultural transition is such a shifting reality and everyone interacts with it differently; but for many it is one of the most identity-questioning experiences they have ever had. The first month in a new place is often the 'make or break' portion. First 30 Daze is an incredibly patient and practical guide to help people navigate that transition.”

“I work for an academic program that sends students overseas for semester long internships purposed for God-centered service. They receive training from us before being sent out; but the reality is that once there, we aren’t there with them to daily help them process through what they are experiencing…I would highly recommend First 30 Daze to anyone transitioning overseas or to anyone welcoming someone in the transition.”


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