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Adventures with Larry & Caleb: Series Conclusion

Throughout 2015 our most popular series followed the daily lives of Upstream co-founders, Larry McCrary (@LarryMcCrary) and Caleb Crider (@calebcrider). These authors of Tradecraft: For the Church on Mission showed us just how they apply such missionary skills in their unique contexts: Larry in Madrid, Spain and Caleb in Richmond, Virginia. Each month we hit ’em with questions like this:

There were plenty of other questions we wanted to send their way, but these guys are busy, well, being on mission. We did, however, manage to wrangle them into one room at a recent event, and force them into an interview. Even better, we captured it all on video. Here is the evidence:

Why is it important for the authors of Tradecraft to actually practice what they preach?

Is life in the daily grind of missions actually an adventure?

What’s it like to almost always be learning a new culture to engage?

How do you stick with the mission when it seems like nothing is happening?

Photo Credit: Miriadna



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