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Unlocked, Part 3: Questions for Discussion and Application

Editor’s Note: Below are some questions provided by the writer of parts one and two of this “Unlocked’ series, to help you process and think through the time during COVID. However, these are good questions to consider anytime you’ve experienced disrupted lives and uncertainty. We encourage you to consider these questions with friends, family, or sending church leaders.


Looking Back

1. What have the past few months been like for you? What are some of the disappointments, losses, adjustments, stressors, surprises, or joys that you have experienced?

2. In what ways have you seen your sin or the sin of others exposed more since the pandemic began? Is there anything the Lord is leading you to confess, repent of, or turn away from?

Looking Up

3. Do you feel that you’ve changed or grown in any significant ways? How have you been experiencing the presence and/or promises of God through this season?

4. How are you anchoring your hope in Christ and keeping your eyes fixed on him? What truths have become particularly precious to you?

Looking Forward

5. What are your expectations for life, work, and relationships as you begin to move into this next season? How do you think those expectations may line up with reality?

6. How will your pandemic experience influence or change the ways you engage the post-lockdown lostness around you? What new opportunities may exist now that weren’t there before and how might you press into them?


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