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Sending Church


Upstream has become known as a collective of missiologically forward-thinkers who produce practical content. Click on the Element tiles below for a description of each of the elements, free resources, and paid membership resources.


As you read, Identify your church's developmental needs. Whether your church is just getting started in your missional development or an experienced sending church, we offer resources that can help you lead your church well in mission. Free blog posts, free articles, and paid member resources are available under each element.


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Element 6 - 2023 (1).png
Element 10 - 2023 (1).png
Element 14 - 2023 (1).png
Element 7 - 2023 (1).png
Element 11 - 2023 (1).png
Element 15 - 2023 (1).png
Element 8 - 2023 (1).png
12 - Provide On-Going Care.png
16 - Innovating As Sending Churches.png
02 - Establishing Missions Convictions.png
03 - Developing a Vision.png
04 - Building a Strategy.png
Element 9 - 2023 (1).png
13 - Maintaining Strategic Focus2.png
17 - Influencing Other Churches.png
01 - Cultivating Missions Awareness.png
05 - Involving the Entire Church.png



Cross-Cultural Ministry & Missiology.png
Cultivating Awareness.png
Evaluation & Reflection.png
Involving the Entire Church.png
Influencing Other Churches.png
Missionary Care.png
Missions Finances.png
Missions Leadership.png
Sending Church Foundations.png
Short-term Trips.png
Spiritual Warfare.png
Third Culture Kids.png

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