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As you read, Identify your church's developmental needs. Whether your church is just getting started in your missional development or an experienced sending church, we offer resources that can help you lead your church well in mission. Become a Subscriber to get one of the paid resources for free. Become a Paid Member to gain access to all of Upstream's Articles & Trainings.

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12 - Provide On-Going Care.png
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02 - Establishing Missions Convictions.png
03 - Developing a Vision.png
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13 - Maintaining Strategic Focus2.png
17 - Influencing Other Churches.png
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In-Depth Topical Resources

We believe in the power of a good book. Upstream publishes resources that equip, inspire, challenge, and guide churches on mission.

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Sharing Thoughtful, Challenging, and Encouraging Ideas

From the beginning we have delivered the majority our content for free via the Upstream blog. Our blog contains hundreds of articles written by missions pastors, church leaders, missiologists, Sent-Ones and church members on how to become a great sending church. Subscribe to our blog to have it delivered directly to your inbox.

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Sharing a Wealth of Information

The Upstream Collective has been blessed with resources. These have not ever come from one source, but from the body of Christ as a whole. The File Share creates a place to access all of the Upstream Team's resources AND uploaded resources of church leaders. Join the membership to gain access to our File Share.

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Making a Difference

Upstream is all about dialog. Our podcast features thoughtful interaction between leaders, innovators, and practitioners around key concepts and ideas.