Helpful Resources for Becoming a Sending Church

Developing a vision for the Great Commission, raising up missionaries from within your congregation, creating a sending pipeline, providing missionary care…there is a lot involved with becoming a sending church.

Over the last two weeks, we’ve talked about helping missionaries have a sent identity. You can find all three articles here, or download the free resource.

Here is a list of other resources that you may find helpful as you take steps to help your church become a sending church. You can also search our blog for articles about becoming a sending church.

Sending Church Online Training


We believe that the local church has a critical role to play in God’s global mission—a role that is too often overlooked by churches, organizations, and missionaries. That’s why we developed this workshop: to form heads, heart, and hands with new ideas and practical suggestions. As we pray, think, speak, and learn together, it is our hope that you will not just acquire new information, but that you will leave with a clear sense of how God is leading your church, including some practical next steps.

At the heart of a sending church is relationships, the kind that can abide many miles and years. This training will address how to develop ongoing, reciprocal relationships before, during, and after sending.

The Sending Church Defined

The term, “sending church” desperately needs clarity, which is precisely the goal of this book. A gathering of churches came up with a lengthy definition, and then fleshed out that definition one word at a time according to Scripture and scholarship. The goal was not just clarity, but to send a timely word to churches about reclaiming their birthright as the leaders in the Great Commission.

The Sending Church Elements

The Sending Church Elements help your church identify strengths and weaknesses in missions, and grow as a sending church. We have identified 4 phases divided into 17 elements that make up healthy sending churches. You can download the Elements for free here.

Developing a Sending Pipeline

Does your church look at every single member as a potential sent one? How can you begin to cultivate that kind of culture? And what do you do with those who respond? We recommend developing a sending pipeline. This is a basic system for drawing people in and moving them through a clear, step-by-step process in being sent out on mission. It includes three critical phases: identification, assessment, and development. This free download includes an 7-page PDF guide and a .png graphic. You can also download an example of a sending pipeline here.

Sending Responsibilities Checklist

There are many things to consider when we are sending or being sent overseas. This download provides not only a list of the sent ones’ needs pre-field, afield, and post-field, but gives space for noting who will be responsible for them: the sending church, the partner organization, or the sent one themselves. The checklist isn’t comprehensive, but that’s because it’s meant to get you started in the right direction. This free download is a 4-page PDF.

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