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Church Partnerships: How Our Vision Moves “Upstream”


As my translator, co-laborer, and navigator, Akhil truly was my partner in God’s mission. I wouldn’t have accomplished much of anything cross-culturally without him. Likewise, he couldn’t have done all that the Lord had in store for him without me. We were interdependent.

As individual missionaries, local churches, and missions agencies, we have the same kind of interdependency. The mission of God is advanced when his body—every part of it—answers the call and works together. Think of Upstream like “navigators,” eager to partner with churches (“co-laborers”) and missionaries (“translators”) to advance the mission.

Why Partner with Us?

Upstream can help you navigate the difficult climb of missions. In other words, we can help you be better senders and sent ones. We do this by providing resources, training, cohorts, and consulting contextualized to your unique needs. Through our experience in the wider collective of those who “think and act like missionaries,” we can provide hand- and footholds as you climb through ministry in a cross-cultural context. Partnering with us means personally taking advantage of that expertise.

What is the Purpose of Church Partnerships?

Our partnership allows us to not only give special attention to your specific needs in sending, but also to the needs of others with fewer resources.

It’s common for smaller and/or less-experienced agencies, churches, and missionaries to lack access to personalized attention in sending and being sent. At our core we believe in the centrality of the local church, therefore we want to serve churches of all sizes in all places. We want the biblical picture of “sending church” to be recaptured as a global norm. Partnering with us means helping others to more effectively embrace their calling.

Why Partner with You?

We want to play our part in Christ’s body rather than build our own kingdom. As we do what the Lord has called us to do as an organization—as navigators—we want to more effectively empower sending churches and their sent ones in their specific efforts no matter where they are. What better way to accomplish this than allowing churches advance the vision “upstream”!

Would you consider partnering with us? Follow the link below for more information or contact us.


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