Season 2 Ep 5: How Not to Send Marketplace Workers

The Upstream Podcast was created to share our rich conversations about sending churches with the world. For anyone passionate about the overlap between God’s church & God’s mission, this podcast will be great food for thought.

We’re back from our little thanksgiving break and here to give you another episode! Larry McCrarry, our co-founder and executive director, took the hosting reigns for this conversation and talks with our usual host, Brad Bell, about sending marketplace workers. As the head pastor of “sending church”, Antioch, this is a topic Brad has had to start thinking through. However, he admits that he has had much more experience with providing care to sent ones going overseas through a more traditional path. Listen as the two think through the nuances between caring for marketplace and traditional workers,the need for both of them, and the importance of truly valuing vocation.

Additional Resources:

-For more on relationships between sending churches, marketplace workers, and missionary teams check out Larry’s latest book, The Marketspace. -Purchase it on kindle for $6.99 here! -“Choosing Your Alternative Path” FREE download from The Upstream Collective

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