How To Think & Act Like A Missionary: One Day

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How To Think & Act Like A Missionary: One Day


SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 2018  9:00 AM - 3:00 PM EST

ANTIOCH CHURCH  7315 Southside Drive, Louisville, KY

$40 PER PERSON  Includes lunch, snacks, and Upstream's new Tradecraft Workbook


We believe that every Christian should see themselves as a sent one, a person who thinks and acts like a missionary. Therefore, missionary skills must be part of every Christian's basic discipleship. That was the heart behind our book Tradecraft: For the Church on Missionwhich serves as a training tool for 9 basic missionary skills:

  • Following the Spirit
  • Mapping
  • Exegeting culture
  • Building relationships
  • Seeking persons of peace
  • Engaging tribes
  • Contextualizing 
  • Finding alternative paths
  • Protecting indigeneity 

During this one-day training, pastors and Upstream leaders Larry McCrary, Susan McCrary, and Zach Bradley will empower attendees to think and act like missionaries in their own contexts, and to learn how to include missionary skills in the basic discipleship of every Christian. Each attendee will receive a copy of our latest release, Tradecraft Workbook, a 300+ page guide for practicing missionary skills everyday as a group or individual. This event is open to all, but might be particularly helpful to:

  • anyone who wants to more effectively share the gospel with others
  • anyone who wants to grow in their confidence of discipling others
  • anyone who senses a potential calling to serve as a cross-cultural missionary
  • college or seminary students considering study abroad or the international marketplace
  • church leaders interested in growing their churches' approach to evangelism, discipleship, and missions 
  • church planters, potential church planters, and anyone considering joining a church planting core team
  • small group leaders
  • families who want to more effectively live on mission together 
  • returning missionaries who want to leverage their experiences to empower others

The training will be hosted by Antioch Church, a multi-ethnic congregation in the international neighborhood of Beechmont/Iroquois in south Louisville. This setting will allow participants to practice part of what they are learning just outside the building (weather permitting).

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