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The Western Church world is abuzz with talk of being on mission. Yet there is something still to be addressed in the process: the how. In this course, Tradecraft: For the Church on Mission, which is adapted from the Tradecraft Workbook, authors Rodney Calfee, Larry McCrary, Caleb Crider, and Wade Stephens provide a detailed daily guide for thinking and acting like a missionary.


Spanning twelve weeks, Christians will use this online video course to learn, reflect upon and practice missionary tradecraft like following the Spirit, mapping, exegeting culture, building relationships, persons of peace, engaging tribes, contextualization, alternative paths, and protecting indigeneity. The Tradecraft course was written in response to a growing request from churches and organizations for a way to use Tradecraft: For the Church on Mission in group settings. It has been tested in small groups as well as trainings for local, domestic, and global sending. True to form, this online video course is thoughtful, practical, and accessible not only to cross-cultural missionaries, but to every Christian who desires to live on mission.

Tradecraft Video Course

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