Season 2 Ep 3: Gains & Losses in Missionary Care

The Upstream Podcast was created to share our rich conversations about sending churches with the world. For anyone passionate about the overlap between God’s church & God’s mission, this podcast will be great food for thought.

Larry, Susan, and Brad are back together for another episode. This time, the three of them sat down for a conversation on missionary care. The experience of the sent ones as well as the senders back at home is often bittersweet—and should be if the relationship is healthy. All three of this gang have been in the position of sender and sent one so they can speak to both sides of the situation. As with most things in life, Susan reminds us that relationship is key. We can’t know and understand each others’ needs outside of relationship with each other. Larry and Brad jump in and expand on this thought as well as others on the subject in this conversation.

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