Season 2 Ep 15: Calling and Career: Choosing a Pathway to Missions

The Upstream Podcast was created to share our rich conversations about sending churches with the world. For anyone passionate about the overlap between God’s church & God’s mission, this podcast will be great food for thought.

For this episode, we are joined by Ben Ward from Louisville, Kentucky. Ben is a Missions Pastor at Highview Baptist Church and works in Ministry Connections at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. We were happy to have Ben on for this conversation as he’s uniquely gifted to talk about the subject. Before his current roles, he was an Admissions Counselor. From that time to now, Ben has had approximately 13,000 conversations on calling…he did the math not us. Whether you feel that you’re facing an existential crisis, or you feel solid about your calling, this episode is sure to be good food for thought. So join us!

This episode was sponsored by our friends at Equipped to Go. Equipped to Go provides a number of services to individuals or groups desiring to be culturally adept while traveling, living and working in foreign countries.

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