Pre-Field Missional Training

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Pre-Field Missional Training


There are many missional training opportunities for anyone moving overseas, but most of them require several weeks or partnership with a missions organization. So Upstream is stepping into the gap with our very own one-week missional training intensive. It will take place in Louisville, Kentucky on September 9-16, 2017.

Leaders will include Larry McCrary, Caleb Crider, Nathan Garth, and Zach Bradley. The curriculum involves both theory and practice on the streets of Louisville, covering the following topics:

  • Sent identity
  • Following the Spirit
  • Understanding worldview
  • Contextualization 
  • Mapping
  • Engaging tribes
  • Cultural exegesis
  • Understanding Catholicism 
  • Understanding post-Christian culture
  • Marriage overseas
  • Singleness overseas
  • Orality in Western societies
  • Teaming and personalities
  • Working with short-term teams
  • Engaging immigrants and refugees
  • Suffering
  • Resolving conflict
  • Security and crisis management
  • Developing Advocacy Teams
  • Leaving well
  • Arriving well

The recommended donation is $750 per person (accommodations, transportation, and some meals not included). Contact us with any questions, or sign up below.

Bringing your children? Contact us for customizable childcare options.

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"Upstream Pre-Field Missional Training is a blessing to any missionary/future missionary. The depth of topics, taught by experienced missionaries, focused on practical implementation & strategy, backed by sound Biblical principles and real world results, makes this training invaluable. I give thanks for the opportunity to attend and for how God will use this training in my missional life." -Steve Sugrue from McClean Bible Church, serving in El Salvador

"Through The Upstream Collective training I was able to glean a lot of knowledge from the leaders who have great expertise and personal experience in ministry overseas. It was helpful to gain insight on how important it is to adapt to the culture I am going into. The sessions such as mapping where you live, safety and security, disciple making, leaving well, and my first 30 days were helpful sessions with applicable tools that I will be using when I move to Italy. I was able to walk away feeling more comfortable and excited about leaving for the new adventure that God has me on." -Cammie McQuilkin

"Upstream has gathered some of the most insightful, God-led, qualified (and FUN!) presenters I could imagine. The depth of knowledge is evident and their love for the global Church is contagious. What we have learned we will carry in us everywhere God leads." -Denise T., preparing to serve in Ireland

"This training was extremely helpful & very personalized to our group and our needs. We had so much one-on-one time with all of the 'teachers' in and outside of the classroom. This sometimes was the most helpful because we got to process through what we were learning over coffee or at dinner with the very people who had taught the lessons. I highly recommend this training and the facilitators!" -Amanda P. from Greenhouse Church, serving in Italy

"The intensive training topics were personally challenging, instructor selection was perfectly varied and provided a freshness to each section, and by the end of the week we were torn between not wanting to leave our new friends and wanting to jump right into using our new knowledge/skills." -Brad & Vicki from Old Capitol United Methodist Church, Corydon, IN