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Living cross-culturally requires us to think, and talk, a little differently than our normal church circles. If you are living among a culture 

that doesn’t share your beliefs, could they be hostile to you? Could those you befriend, and share with, be harmed emotionally, or even physically?


It doesn’t stop with you and what you say. What are those back home saying about who you are and what you are doing? 

Could one post on social media totally ruin your ministry or hurt someone you have come to love?


This resource can help you, help your church, know how to safely speak about you and your ministry, whether you are serving on a marketplace 

or a traditional platform.  It allows you to outline what information is safe for ‘public’ vs ‘trusted people’ settings. It also lets you list words that 

should not be used in conjunction with your names, such as missions, missionary, etc.

Communicate with Missionaries in a Secure Location

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