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Welcome to the New Upstream Website

Upstream is known for being, well, upstream. Or in other words, seeking to lead others beyond the missiological mainstreams. Just one problem, however–over time our old website had become a bit downstream. We wanted a fresh look to fit with our fresh momentum. So we’re excited to present to you our brand new, shiny Upstream website.

You’ve obviously noticed a few changes already. The design speaks for itself. But there’s more going on here than just big header photos. We’re hoping this website clarifies who we are and what we do. So go ahead, explore. And along the way, take note of these key pages:

When you hit the Upstream home page, we want you to know within a few seconds what we’re about. You’ll see our new tagline, “Helping churches send locally and globally,” along with our vision: “We envision local churches reclaiming the commission to send their members to the neighborhoods and the nations.” Then you’ll see how we do that. Three ways: Resources, Training, and Consulting. Short and sweet.

Our About page now includes the latest updates and bios on Our Leaders, including the team, board, and contributors. We’ve also rewritten Our Story to be clearer and reflective of our current focus on helping churches send locally and globally.

This is the part of the Upstream website that will be continually under construction. We’ll be updating it regularly with our latest books and guides. Some of them will be free, and some for purchase–but all of them will be available for instant download. They are organized according to our new “map” for becoming a sending church, called the Sending Church Elements. Churches can find resources related to where they are in the process of sending, whether that’s Establishing, Developing, Engaging, or Multiplying.

We now have a simpler presentation of the kinds of Training and Consulting we offer to churches. It’s designed to help you start a conversation with us about the ways we can help your church send well. No robots. We love personally interacting with church leaders!

This is one of the new features we’re most excited about. Now you can not only see all our upcoming Events online, but also sign up and pay for them all in one place. Rad!

Since Upstream will be driven more by our Resources, Training, and Consulting rather than our blog, it will be important for you to Subscribe to our monthly newsletter (only once a month, we pinky promise). The newsletter will keep you updated with the latest ways we can serve you.

Finally, since much of our ministry is made possible through the generosity of individuals, churches, and organizations, we’ve given prominent space to our Donate button. You can now make a tax-deductible contribution directly from the Upstream website.

Well, those are the highlights. We dig it and hope you do too!



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