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Editor’s Note: Starting today, we’ll be adding a new component to our blog, called “Resource of the Week,” where we will point you to resources that will help you cultivate missions awareness at your church, determine a strategy for becoming a sending church, or learn how to live like a “sent one” yourself. If you have a resource you’ve found helpful—send us a suggestion. We’d love to take a look.

Taking a vision trip can be a strategic part of helping potential sent ones discern God’s calling to a particular place and/or work. However, doing vision trips well can be challenging. Using a real-life example, this 4-page PDF defines what a vision trip is, clarifies important questions to ask, and offers an extensive FAQ.

A vision trip is the term traditionally given to simply exploring an opportunity. It’s intentionally traveling to a particular place in order to explore—in person—the possibility of living and ministering there. Often it serves as an affirmation (or refutation) of God’s calling there. Take a moment to think about transplanting your own family into another neighborhood, city, or country. Wouldn’t you want to know what you’re getting yourselves into? Surprisingly, some churches, missions organizations, and missionary candidates view vision trips as unnecessary delays. Sometimes vision trips are even treated like a detriment to the nobility of “the missionary call” to sell all and set sail to an unknown land, never to return. “If your faith is big enough,” so the sentiment goes, “then just trust God and go.”

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