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I was talking with a friend last week the way I’ve been talking to all of my friends and family lately—over a video call. However, video calls and texting are always the way I talk to this friend because she lives on the other side of the world from me, where she serves as a missionary in a large urban setting.

Like me—and most of the world —she’s been sequestered in her apartment for the last few weeks. All of my other missionary friends are in the same boat. As I receive their updates via email, they all express the same struggles and fears. My more extroverted friends (and/or the friends with kids) are going stir-crazy, the ones in countries with stricter stay-at-home orders are concerned about getting basic necessities, and many are feeling disconnected. All of them are concerned about their ministry and how to continue proclaiming the gospel with their neighbors and friends, even when they can’t leave their house.

If you know a missionary or two, you’re probably hearing the same things from them. So, I thought it would be an appropriate time to point you to some of our resources to help you care for your family and friends who live and serve overseas. While some missionary care ideas may need to be tabled for the time being, there are still ways you can care for them right now. Check out the resources listed below.

Establishing Advocacy Teams

This is a practical how-to guide on developing support teams for your missionaries, as well as what these teams do to care for sent ones.

Caring for Your Missionary During this Crisis

In the first of three webinars from The Upstream Collective, Nathan Sloan addresses how to love our sent ones well during this time. How do you provide your presence, practical love and prayer support when chaos happens on the field?

Serving as Senders: Missionary Care and the Letter of Philippians

On this episode of The Upstream Collective podcast, Neal Pirolo of Emmaus Road International joined us for a conversation about an often overlooked topic, serving as senders and how those who stay behind are integral to the health of missionaries.

Gains and Losses in Missionary Care

The Upstream Collective leaders, Larry and Susan McCrary and Brad Bell come together on this podcast episode to talk about their experiences as both missionaries and senders of missionaries, speaking with a unique perspective on missionary care.

How to Uniquely Care for Marketplace Workers

Marketplace workers are in a unique position as they work and serve overseas, so it can be challenging to know how to care for them. On this episode of The Upstream Collective podcast, Larry and Susan McCrary give practical input on how to care for marketplace workers.

How to Pastor a Missionary

On The Upstream Collective blog, Brad Bell writes about the biblical model for missionary care.

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