COVID-19 Responses and Resources

There is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone. Many have contracted the virus and many more are fearful of getting sick themselves or anxious that the virus may affect their family and friends. Businesses and schools have closed or at least altered how they operate. Many countries, and now cities in the US, have instituted shelter-in-place orders to try to stop the virus from spreading further.

At this point, there have been many responses to the virus encouraging us how to think about it, how to pray, and how to support those who are most affected, including missionaries who are living and serving overseas. We’ve compiled some of those responses into one place in hopes that you’ll find practical help and encouragement as you navigate these unprecedented times. This is not an exhaustive list, but these are some resources that we’ve found helpful in recent weeks.

The Upstream Collective Webinars

Just a reminder- we are offering two more webinars to help you answer questions about how your church can remain committed to the Great Commission while scattered. Our next two webinars will focus on adjusting your short-term and mid-term mission trip plans and how to best utilize technology for the Great Commission. Watch the first webinar and register for the others here.

Prayer Guide from The Great Commission Collective

The Great Commission Collective shared a prayer guide with seven points to encourage individuals and churches in focused prayer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Perspectives from the Union Baptist Association

The Union Baptist Association in Houston, Texas published a series of articles for local churches answering questions such as:

Should the church comply with governmental restrictions?

How do we make decisions with limited information?

How do we approach this moment with grace and humility?

How do we think about this matter theologically?

Coronavirus and the Church

This website is a creation of The Peace Plan, The Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, and Humanitarian Disaster Institute. The website contains an extensive amount of resources for church leaders from trusted sources.

Great Commission Conversations

Great Commission Conversations is a weekly series from Keith Whitfield and Chuck Lawless of Southeastern Seminary. It provides a place for pastors to help pastors fulfill the Great Commission in the midst of a global health crisis.

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