Season 2 Ep 9: Mobilizing the Church for Marketplace Missions

The Upstream Podcast was created to share our rich conversations about sending churches with the world. For anyone passionate about the overlap between God’s church & God’s mission, this podcast will be great food for thought.

Hello, Upstream Podcast listeners! We are back from our mid-season hiatus. Thank you for sticking with us. We have rethought some things about the podcast and plan to start a new release schedule of one guaranteed episode per month with the occasional bi-weekly episode.

This week on the show we are joined remotely by Mike who is a pastor of missions at Henderson Hills Baptist Church. Years ago, Mike felt led to help his church rethink the way they did missions. Missionaries are sent out to be a part of international revenue generating businesses created by those in the church. The profit made by these businesses goes directly to the ministry and funding the missionaries’ stay, created a self-sufficient model for missions within their local church. Mike shares with the listeners what it was like to approach his congregation with this idea and he and Brad discuss in more detail what it could be like for this kind of approach to become common place.

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