Larry Mccrary

Larry is the co-founder and Executive Director of The Upstream Collective. He and his family have lived in Europe for the last 15 years, where he has served in a variety of strategy and leadership roles. Prior to moving to Europe he was a church planter and pastor in the US. He is a co-author of Tradecraft: For the Church on Mission, The First 30 Daze: Practical Encouragement for Living Abroad Intentionally, and The MarketSpace: Essential Relationships Between the Sending Church, Marketplace Worker, and Missionary Team.


Bradley BELL

Bradley is the Director of Content. He has been at Upstream since 2014, producing blog and social media content, authoring The Sending Church Defined and Receiving Sent Ones During Reentry: The Challenges of Returning "Home" and How Churches Can Help, and serving as a board member. He is also the lead pastor at Antioch Church. As a former global sent one, Bradley reflects on missions and formation at Broken Missiology



Dan Bush is newest addition to the Upstream team as Operations & Content Manager. He recently returned from being a missionary in India and Nepal with the International Mission Board. He is also the Office Administrator for Antioch Church in Louisville, Kentucky.



Nathan is the Pastor of Sending at Sojourn Church Midtown in Louisville, Kentucky. His role includes leading local mercy, church planting, and international missions. Nathan has a Doctor of Missiology from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Before being a pastor, Nathan and his wife Sarah served as missionaries in Kathmandu, Nepal, training national pastors and working with an unreached people group. At Upstream he currently serves as a consultant, contributor, and Chairman of the Board.



Derick is the Director of Content Strategy. He serves as Lead Pastor at The Oaks Community Church in Denver, Colorado. Prior to being sent out to plant churches he served over six years as one of the teaching pastors at Tri-Cities Baptist Church before becoming a church planting resident at Sojourn Community Church East.

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Chad Vandiver

Chad, his wife Shelly and their four children, Benjamin, Samuel, Lucas and Liliana love living on mission. Chad grew up in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and Paris, France. His experience sharing Biblical truths with Catholics, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists comes from 30 years of developing cross-cultural friendships in urban contexts.



Amanda is the founder of Walton House Books. She serves as Upstream's copyeditor, matching her writing and editing skills with Upstream's publishing needs. She is a work-at-home wife and mother of  three.



Tabitha produces Upstream's podcast. Born in Columbia, Missouri, she grew up in White Deer, Texas and moved to Louisville for a Christian social justice internship with Love Thy Neighborhood, for whom she helped launch a successful podcast. 



Hayley is Upstream's go-to graphic designer. She also leads Hayley Moss Photography, which specializes in family and wedding portraits. Hayley lives in Louisville with her husband and daughter. 


caleb crider

Caleb is the co-founder of The Upstream Collective. In 2002 he and his family moved to Spain, leading a team of church planters focused on art, social action, and culture exchange. He is also a co-author of Tradecraft: For the Church on MissionCaleb currently leads Instructional Design for the IMB.  At Upstream he now serves as a trainer, consultant, and board member.


Debbie stephens

Debbie joined Upstream in 2010 by coordinating Jet Set trips. She uses her skills in training and equipping to prepare Jet Set teams for cross-cultural ministry. She is also the Founder and President of Equipped To Go, serving local churches in equipping sent-ones on short-term trips. 


Debbie arthur

Debbie joined the Upstream team in late 2016 to help with finance and accounting. From Philadelphia (Tennessee that is, not Pennsylvania), she spent several years in the corporate world, but is finally working toward her dream of helping small businesses.


rodney calfee

Rodney has been in leadership in the local church for more than twenty years, including an urban church plant in Birmingham, Alabama. In 2010 he began writing, editing, and consulting for Upstream. He is also a co-author of Tradecraft: For the Church on Mission. Rodney is currently the Content Leader for the IMB. At Upstream he now serves as a trainer and consultant. 




Jeff walters

Lead Pastor of Missions and Church Planting, Pinelake Church


Rusty Fleming

President, American Apartment Management Company Inc. | Secretary, The Upstream Collective



Lead Pastor, Sojourn Church East