Since 2009 we have been helping church leaders experience for themselves what it means to be sent. We accomplish this through 7-10 day trips to major global cities. These "traveling think tanks" are called Jet Set Trips. Each trip is designed to expose participants to global missionary skills and a network of global missionaries, allowing church leaders to more effectively build a culture of local and global mission at their church. It's like a vision trip guided by Upstream leaders.




In July of 2015, we hosted our very first Jet Set trip for women. Jet Set trips are designed to take church leaders out of their local context and into a foreign culture to prompt missionary thought and practice.  We believe that an essential part of thinking like a missionary is understanding our mission from an outsider’s perspective. On our inaugural trip we explored Madrid, Spain in depth by diving into the Scriptures, the culture and visiting current ministry venues of this post-Christian city. Larry McCrary most assuredly felt out of place at times as the only male, but led this amazing group of women leaders through Tradecraft: The Church on Mission.

Would you like to be part of a women’s team going to the Balkans to explore mission? This year we will host our 2nd Women’s Jet Set to Southern Europe. Like western Europe, this is also a post-Christian context with a number of religions and a resulting history of ethnic tensions. We will be spending time in two of the least evangelized countries in the world looking at gospel advancement efforts in urban centers and throughout villages.

During our time in Southern Europe we will be looking and discussing what it means to live as a sent one. In addition to having conversations facilitated by practitioners, participants will also gain experience at implementing some key missional practices.  We want this to be more than a ‘trip.’ This trip will deal with paradigm and praxis. We want those who participate to come as learners and leaders of their churches to explore more of how they can live missionally on a local and global scale moving forward.  

For more information on this incredible opportunity, email Debbie Stephens, Jet Set Director at