Since 2009 we have been helping church leaders experience for themselves what it means to be sent. We accomplish this through 7-10 day trips to major global cities. These "traveling think tanks" are called Jet Set Trips. Each trip is designed to expose participants to global missionary skills and a network of global missionaries, allowing church leaders to more effectively build a culture of local and global mission at their church. It's like a vision trip guided by Upstream leaders.


JET SET London


Women have played a significant role in advancing God’s mission throughout history! That is why we are thrilled to invite you to be a part of our 2020 Women's London Jet Set. It promises to be a compelling and enlightening time as we explore what God is doing among nationals and the diversity of refugee people groups settling there. What makes this even more exciting is the collaboration of a team of women with missional influence from across the country…that’s you!

As women of influence you will be able to bring back the experiences and skills from this trip and mobilize others to use them anywhere in the world, including your own city.

A typical day will include:

  • Visits to a culture site where we will learn about what has shaped the city into the spiritual climate it is

  • Meeting with a ministry or missionary serving the city

  • Missional Conversations on topics such as: Teaching Mission Skills to your church members, Leadership Lessons, Developing Small Groups for Missions, Vetting Partnerships, Developing a Sending Pipeline, Short-Term Teams, and Missionary Care.

For more information on this incredible opportunity, email Debbie Stephens, Director of Training at