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The Sending Church Elements Cohorts provide an opportunity for church leaders to understand the Sending Church Elements, evaluate themselves by them, and strategize for how to become a mature sending church.


The Individual Church Cohort gives a church the opportunity to go through the Elements alongside other key leaders and members of their church. An Upstream team member will lead the church leadership and members through four online sessions. Each session will include teaching on the Sending Church Elements and practical tools tailored for your context

Whether you are a church that is new to missions or just need a refresh, the individual church cohort will focus on the needs of your church in sending and help you take steps towards maturity.


The cost of the individual church cohort is $950 for four, two-hour online sessions. Your church can have up to 10 members join this cohort. Each member having access to the Upstream Membership and its resources for four months.


Check out the schedule of this four-month cohort.​

An Upstream Leader can also come to your location to lead this cohort for the cost of the cohort + travel fees. 

If you would like to discuss the cohort further or ask questions you can schedule call with Mike Ironside or ask him questions at:

As a reminder, current Upstream Members receive 10% off the price of the cohorts. Join at:

If you are ready, you can sign up for the cohort by clicking the button below. 

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