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Holding the Rope Resource List

Below you will find links to the missionary care resources listed in Holding the Rope. Upstream members can download these resources for free. For non-members, some resources will require a payment of $1.99 to download. If you would like to become an Upstream member and gain access to these and many other sending church resources, please click here.

Pre-Field Care Components


“Sent Ones Self-Assessment and Interview Guide”

“Writing a Personal Development Plan”

“Sending Commitment”

On-the-Field Care Components

“Establishing Advocacy Teams”

“Missionary Health Diagnostic” and “Sent One Health Diagnostic”

“Personal Questions Sent Ones Should Ask Regularly”

“Providing Missionary Care When Your Sent Ones Experience a Crisis”

Post-Field Care Components


“Crafting an Ideal Furlough”

“Preparing for Returning Sent Ones Checklist”

“Returning Sent Ones and Financial Support”

“Receiving Returned Missionaries Well” (document from The Summit Church)

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