Pre-field Training for Marketplace Workers


Sometimes sent-ones don't have a lot of runway ahead of their departure. That's where the helipad comes in.

The Upstream Collective is committed to equipping, not only churches, but also those desiring to live, work, and study overseas. We want to empower you to live out the gospel with intentionality. The cost is $200 per person or $300 per couple. 

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic we are moving our summer Helipad Live Workshop to an online training.  Although we really love spending a weekend with everyone, we think this is going to be a great opportunity for us, and you!


We are offering the same content that you would receive in a weekend training, with bonus sessions that we would not typically have time for.  We also have the opportunity to utilize more presenters that otherwise wouldn’t be able to be present, AND you get to do this from the comfort of your own home. It’s a win, win!


The majority of the sessions will be offered with a live presenter via Zoom Web Conferencing. Other sessions will be recorded and you can watch them at your leisure. We will record all live sessions, as well, but you are encouraged to attend so that you can interact with the presenters and other participants.


Topics include: 

  • Creating a Personal Development Plan

  • Sent Identity

  • Alternate Pathways

  • Cultural Adaptation

  • Leaving Well

  • Building Advocacy

  • Being Spirit-Led

  • Mapping

  • Cultural Exegesis

  • Tribes, Person of Peace

  • Security and Crisis Management

  • Spiritual Warfare

  • Raising Families Overseas/Third-Culture Kids,

  • Marriage on the Field/Being Single on the Field

  • Soul Care

  • Teaming/Handling Conflict

  • Understanding Roman Catholic/Islamic/Post-Christian Contexts


For more information contact Debbie Stephens, Director of Training at

  • Helipad
    June 24-27
    Sometimes being sent demands a helipad, not a runway.