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Global Marketplace

Missions Training

Equipping International Marketplace Workers

Does your profession require you to travel or live overseas? Is it in your future? Have you wondered how you can live on mission in any career – engaging the culture in the countries where you live and work? 

If so, there are things you need to know to get you and your family ready. We can help!

Marketplace Work is one of the most underdeveloped areas of missions in the world. The Upstream Collective is committed to equipping those currently working or desiring to live, work or study overseas. We want to empower anyone utilizing an alternative pathway to live out the gospel intentionally. 

If you work in professions such as engineering, medicine, education, finance, or business startups, and you and your family desire to integrate your faith amid another culture, we invite you to come and learn how to live out The Great Commission while living and working abroad. 

Our Marketplace Training takes place on four consecutive Wednesdays. Most sessions are presented live via Zoom Web Conferencing where you can engage with experienced presenters and other participants.

Let us get you ready!

The cost is $200 per person or $300 per couple. Topics include: 


  • The Marketplace from experience

  • Seeking global work

  • Integrating employment and missions

  • Raising a family abroad 

  • Cultural awareness


  • Leaving well

  • Soul care

  • Staying connected

  • Advocacy



For more information contact Shirley, Global Marketplace Missions Training Manager at

"The training was well worth the time invested. Some churches and organizations have the resources to prepare the people they are sending over a number of months or even years. Many churches do not. This training offers people from different backgrounds, life-stages and field readiness levels to receive some foundational knowledge and experience from those who have already served, complimenting any existing understanding they may already have."

Andrew Landram
The Austin Stone Community Church

"We would highly endorse this training for anyone looking into missions in general and especially missional business, business as mission, or any overseas work in general."

Mark + Ruth Sharman
Church at Ellerslie

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