First 30 Daze Checklist


First 30 Daze Checklist


The first thirty days of a sent one's arrival in a new place has the power to shape their entire first term---for better or worse. Unfortunately, many experience this tumultuous transition in a daze. Sending churches have the opportunity to help sent ones not only survive their landing in a new place, but to thrive there. This 3-page document provides a list of simple tasks that sent ones should seek to accomplish within their first thirty days. The tasks range from practical to fun, such as:

  • Memorize your new phone number
  • Practice public transportation routes
  • Find wi-fi availability
  • Explore local parks

If you find this resource helpful, we strongly encourage you to also make use of our book The First 30 Daze: Practical Encouragement for Living Abroad Intentionally

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