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At the Upstream Collective, we have found that most missions leaders lack training in their role and peers to continually sharpen their skills. Added to that, most churches are regularly overhauling their missions strategy. The Foundations Cohort aims to provide foundational training around the role of the missions leader and the establishing of a church’s vision and strategy that will guide their pathway to impact around the globe. 

The Foundations Cohort will walk through the first five elements of the Sending Church Elements:

  1. Cultivating Missions Awareness

  2. Establishing Missions Convictions

  3. Developing a Vision

  4. Building a Strategy

  5. Involving the Entire Church

We will go through each of these Elements, helping you develop foundational documents to missions department that will allow you to strategically send your people short-term and long-term and steward your missions giving towards maximum impact.


Whether you need foundational training in being a missions leader, need peers in your field, are going through a major overhaul, or even if you feel great about your missions department and you just want a refresher on missions leading, the Foundations cohort will be a blessing to you.

We offer two delivery modes for the Foundations Cohort. A scheduled online cohort available Spring, Summer, and Fall. As well, the Foundations Cohort Individualized for a Church online. Check out the information below to see a schedule for these cohorts and to register for the cohorts.

We have the following Foundations Cohorts being offered:

  1. Individual Church Online (Starting Each month)

  2. Online (Fall 2022)

  3. Online (Spring 2023)



The Foundations Cohort will also be offered individually for churches online. While not in-person, the advantage of the individualize online cohort is focused coaching through the Foundations content. Whether just you as the missions leader, or preferably with your missions team or staff, walking through the Foundations Cohort material with coaching that is specific to your church has great benefit.

The individualized cohort will include four, two-hour online sessions once per month. In between each call your missions team will have some small assignments to work through to help you come to a cohesive vision.


Another advantage is that we offer the Individual Church Online Cohort at any time. Check out the schedule of this three-month cohort.​

If you would like to discuss the cohort further or ask questions you can schedule call with Mike Ironside or ask him questions at: You can also show your interest in the cohort by clicking the link below and filling out our Cohort Interest Form. raph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

The cost of the cohort is $950/church in total for up to 5 members of a church. As a reminder, current Upstream Members receive 10% off the price of the cohorts. Join at:

If you are ready you can signup for the cohort by clicking the button below. 

We are also offering the Foundations & Advanced Cohort as a bundle for $1,475​ (Regularly $1,900). If interested, follow the registration link and select the Foundations/Advanced bundle. Check out the Advanced page for more on the Advanced Cohort.