Large Church Missions Leader Coaching Cohort

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Large Church Missions Leader Coaching Cohort


Leading a large church to grow as a sending church can be a daunting task, whether your church has a history of sending malpractice or little sending practice at all. This coaching cohort is designed to help missions leaders in such contexts establish the right foundation for sending, and then build upon it with effective vision, strategy, and processes. Facilitated by Upstream leader and Sojourn Community Church pastor of global missions, Nathan Garth, the cohort's curriculum is based on Upstream's Sending Church Elements.

The recommended donation rate is $950 per person and enrollment is limited to 7 participants. The cohort will begin on September 11th with a 2 day retreat in Louisville, Kentucky (travel expenses not included), then continue with monthly group calls and monthly 1-on-1 coaching calls through January of the next year. Contact us if you have any questions.

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"The cohort with other similar churches helped increase our network and develop friendships that I still rely on today. As sending churches who are adjusting to a changing global Christian landscape it is necessary to connect with and serve together, these cohorts help to begin to facilitate that...Upstream helps each church take principles and make them practical and applicable. We enjoy partnering with and learning from Upstream as we continue building a missions engagement culture at MBC. -Alirio Arreaza, Pastor of Global Impact, McLean Bible Church, Vienna, VA

"You’ll get great concepts and tools for everything from building a missionary development pipeline to missionary care and re-entry. But even better, you get Upstream Collective’s experience, not to mention networking opportunities with local church leaders from across the country. You will not regret the investment."- John King, Cross-Cultural Mobilization Pastor, Hope Church, Las Vegas, NV

“Being a part of an Upstream Collective cohort has been a great learning experience. Nathan and Larry were instrumental in helping me think through the foundational issues for strengthening our mobilization and sending processes. I was able to connect with other church mission leaders who were wrestling with some of the same issues I was dealing with and gain from their wisdom. I strongly encourage you to consider joining an Upstream Collective cohort!”- Dave, Mission Pastor, Park Community Church, Chicago, IL

"Participating in the missions leaders cohort with Upstream Collective was a game changer! The Upstream team provided valuable in-depth coaching, shared insights on best practices, and facilitated collaboration with other missions leaders across the country...We’re so grateful for Upstream’s kingdom-mindedness and desire to do whatever it takes to equip churches in sending well."- Christina Aulick, Global Missions, Engedi Church, Holland , MI

"The Upstream Collective is an extremely helpful organization for missions pastors to lead their church to be a great sending church. Through the coaching cohorts, I was able to find co-laborers in the global missions that have taken some steps before me and some that are running the race alongside of me. In the sometimes isolated world of missions pastors, connections with other missions pastors, especially the experienced ones I’ve met through the coaching cohort, have helped me to focus & improve my church’s sending vision and strategy." –Mike Easton, Global Missions Director, Cornerstone Church, Ames, IA

"As a new sending pastor in a church body with a deep sending culture, the cohort has been so insightful, encouraging, and edifying. The Lord has used both my peers within the cohort, as well as the leadership of Upstream to challenge and stretch our definitions, assessments, development, and equipping of the saints called to the mission field. I would encourage all new missions pastors and leaders to join an Upstream cohort. One of the greatest values it has provided is the opportunity to work alongside a very focused and intimate group of people that have the single goal of sending the saints to proclaim the name of Jesus to the nations." -Peyton Bullen, Sending Pastor, LifePoint Church, Smyrna, TN

"John F. Kennedy said, 'Leadership and learning are essential to one another.' Upstream is the very best realization of that quote and the Missions Leader Coaching Cohort is a great way to bring it to life in your context. Their skilled leadership as learners themselves fueled my learning and has, in turn, caused me to lead more effectively. The guys at Upstream are practicing what they are coaching; all of us learning from one another under their experienced leadership. Additionally, being able to learn alongside my brothers — each of whom bring varied skill sets and may be in different stages of leadership — has been invaluable to my own development as a leader. I've thrown around words like 'invaluable,' 'best,' and 'great,' but it's not hyperbole — this has absolutely been a watershed moment for my development. I am thankful for Upstream." -Tracey Adkins, Minister of Discipleship, Hillcrest Baptist Church, New Albany, MS