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The Upstream Collective is a registered 501c3 non-profit that focuses on helping churches to send locally and globally. We do this through four services: resources, training, consulting, and cohorts. In addition to these services, we rely on private donors and church partnerships to fully fund our ministry.

What is the Purpose of Church Partnerships?

Church partnerships allow us to not only give special attention to your church’s unique needs in sending, but also to churches with few resources. Often younger and smaller churches are not given the personalized attention and resourcing that enables them to send well. At our core we believe in the centrality of the local church, therefore we want to serve churches of all sizes in all places. We want sending church to be recaptured as a global norm. Partnering with Upstream financially helps us to fulfill this task by providing a recurring income stream.


What is the Benefit of Church Partnerships?


Here’s a breakdown of what our partners receive:


$2500 minimum annual investment into Upstream

  • Mission Solutions - one of our consultants helps you think through sticking points in your sending

  • Free Coaching Calls - we are available for calls to you and/or your team as you determine necessary

  • Exclusive Content - you have access to consulting materials not available in our Free Downloads

  • Books and Ebooks - we send you a free copy of any new book and ebook we publish

  • Reduced Rates - you and your team receive 25% off registration for our Cohorts

  • You receive one free pass for our Monthly Sending Church Online training events

  • Quarterly Webinar - you and your team are invited into this exclusive roundtable webinar


What's the Next Step?


Contact us to inquire further and get the conversation started.