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Have questions, or looking for consulting related to another one of the Sending Church Elements? Contact us to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. We'll get to know you and your church by asking a few diagnostic questions, then we'll explain a few specific ways we might be able to help. 

Sending Church Assessment & Consultation

with Executive Director Larry McCrary


This assessment walks through a set of questions based on the Sending Church Elements. Each of the questions help provide an overall grade for each of the Sending Elements. But don't worry, you can't fail this assessment! The goal is to gather some information to help provide a personalized plan for your church on how to grow as a sending church.


After completing the Assessment you will have the opportunity to go over your results with a personalized coaching session from our Executive Director, Larry McCrary. Select the Sending Church Assessment below to signup for this assessment & consultation.


Missions Leader Coaching

with Executive Director Larry McCrary


Contact us to begin a conversation about rates and scheduling.


Helping your church grow as a sending church can be overwhelming. This consulting proposal is designed to help a mission leader proactively lead out in their church rather than reactively respond when it comes to local and global mission. The proposal includes a 1.5 hour monthly video call that will focus on teaching our Sending Church Elements. See the schedule linked below. You can invite anyone you want from your church for these calls.

Larry will also be available for a one on one call during the month to help you work through the sticking points and questions that you may have.

Because we will be sharing with you sending processes that we have found to work in a variety of settings, there will be some homework each month for you and your team to complete to help you build the systems your church needs. 

Missions Leader Coaching Sessions

Contact Us with any questions.

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