The Upstream Blog is Open for Submissions

Are you interested in writing an article for Upstream? We are officially announcing that we are open for guest contributors to submit to The Upstream Collective blog.

What We Are Looking For

Why are we eager to take guest submissions? By passing the mic to others we hope to lend a wider voice to church leaders and members with wisdom to share. The “collective” in The Upstream Collective means we encourage the collaboration of like-minded churches and organizations.

What are we thinking when we say we wish to push mainstream missiological conversation “upstream”? When Larry McCrary and Caleb Crider first asserted that the Great Commission belongs to the entire church, not just missionaries, it caused a stir in the status quo (you can read more about this in Our Story). This is never meant to be divisive, but by creating space for these kinds of conversations we hope to prod the church toward greater faithfulness to God and his Word in our unique time and context.

We don’t take the identity of sent ones nor the task of missions as either a matter of pragmatism, “what works,” or tradition, “what we’ve always done,” but instead we understand that all of life is to be examined under the microscope of Scripture as we seek to be dependent ambassadors of Christ. Please check out Our Convictions to make sure you line up with our beliefs before submitting.

We are also convinced there is some good stuff on the website, and we wish to increase our traffic so that more churches may take advantage of these resources. If you have a good story you would like to share about utilizing some of Upstream’s resources, training, or consulting, we would like to hear about it.

Here are few topics we are interested in:

  • Anything within the overlap between local church and missions
  • Biblical principles that inform missions identity, which in turn informs practice
  • Anything that helps everyday Christians to think and act like missionaries
  • Anything that helps churches send locally and globally
  • Stories related to the utilization of Upstream resources, training, or consulting
  • Sending church stories that illustrate a sending church element
  • Sent one stories that illustrate a sending church element
  • Anything that pushes missiological mainstream conversation upstream

How You Can Submit

At Upstream we seek to take a posture of learners, rather than experts who have the entire Bible and everything else figured out. For that reason we write in a personal tone as one practitioner to another, and we would encourage you to avoid an overly academic style.

Here are some guidelines for formatting your submission:

  • Microsoft Word document
  • 600-1000 words
  • Include a brief personal bio
  • Please have someone trusted edit for grammar errors and style
  • No overt promotions, please

Upstream kindly reserves the right to choose acceptable submissions. Upstream also reserves the right to provide final light revisions with approval from authors. All submissions are for a voluntary basis only and will not be accepted for compensation.

We thank you for considering linking arms with us as we seek to follow God. We hope this blog provides space to mutually encourage one another, and our prayer is to live out the good news as the Spirit lives in us, speaking truth to the nations. Please send your submissions and any questions you have to

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